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About Us

After an afternoon drinking mezcal with friends, we decided it was time for us to create a project involving a first quality mezcal, one we would love to drink, and we have achieved it!

Our Mezcales

From the traditional flavor of Espadin and its unique taste when distilled in clay pots, to the more complex flavors of other agaves like Tepeztate, Cirial and Tobala, Sentir has managed to capture the best of each of them and make a mezcal to fall in love with.

Special Edition

The magic of the colors and designs that exist in the land where this agaves come from and where this fantastic liquid is created, inspired the design for this bottles. We believe that this adds to the smell and taste, to this experience that is Oaxaca.

Since we want to give the same way the land and communities are giving us, Sentir mezcal is starting a project to help them out. We are giving jobs to artisans like the ones that paint alebrijes and are creating our special edition bottles, and to women that do beautiful embroidery designs. In this way we hope to be helping out the families in this communities and preserve the traditions of Oaxaca.

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